The person who setup my hosting has left town HELP!

The person who setup my hosting has left town HELP!

If we can gain access to your account we can assist you with updates and changes.

If your friend, co-worker, relative, neighbor or webmaster signed up for hosting and used THEIR name and contact information, we would need an e-mail request from their address on file to authorize a change. If the hosting account is NOT in your name, even if you own the domain name, then the hosting account and all the files contained within that account are NOT YOURS and we cannot give you access to them.

We can't give you the account owner's name, phone number, email address, login information, etc. We can't accept payment from you, for this account and we cannot turn the account back on for you, if suspended.

If you are unable to reach the person who had originally signed up for hosting, there is one way to change the ownership of the account. In order to get the ownership changed in this situation, we need you to fax in two forms of ID, and a written request on official company letterhead that shows that you are a part of this organization. We need to do this for security purposes, as we cannot simply transfer the domain registration ownership to anyone. Please fax us the requested information to 506 847 4026.

We understand that 'your' site is down and 'your' email is not working. We HONESTLY wish we could help. Our privacy policy and all legal accountability reasons state that we CANNOT give you access to someone else's account.

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