Web Power Content Manager Full Page Editor Mode

(The header on this demo is not editable)

No changes can be saved while in the demo mode

If you can use a program like word you can edit a web site.

Users can login directly from a page if the page is set-up for Direct Login.

To login from this page tap the Enter key on your keyboard three times.

Login Info:


Notice in Full Page Mode that all borderless tables on the page are outlined. You can edit any of the text or the images at will simply by clicking in the section or on the image.

Also, sections of a page/site can be blocked from being edited (ie. header above) to avoid changing layout structure or other items.

There is so much more to Web Power Content Manager:

  • Single user website touchup/changes
  • Designer/Client page areas
  • Community website builder
  • Corporate website manager
  • Author-Publisher delegation